Eco Solvent Waste Disposal

You have ink waste but not enough to justify a large scale pick up?

Wide Format Tech Services is now offering Solvent Ink Waste Management and Disposal solutions for Small to Medium size Print Shops and Sign Shops throughout Southern California.

We will come your Shop and collect your Eco Solvent, Solvent or UV Ink waste for a flat fee, in a state and locally approved waste container, for safe and environmentally friendly disposal.


We can supply you with containers for collecting ink waste for furure pickups. When your ready simply contact us to schedule a pickup and we will swap your waste container with a new empty container.


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Waste pick up. We will come to your shop and transfer your waste ink into our DOT approved containers for transport to our facility for proper disposal. You will be responsible for properly disposing of your old waste containers. Please contact us if you have larger amounts that you need picked up. 

$75 Flat Rate Pick Up (5 gal max).

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Additional Waste Containers

2.5 gal container $25

5 gal container    $40